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We feature some of the most cutting edge unboxing videos. This includes a cinematic introduction, followed by an introduction, unboxing, demonstration, and a final review. Depending on the product most videos range from 5-10 minutes long.

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Our channel hosts Robot Death Battle! A fighting show that features two robots that battle to win! This entertaining show allows to demo a robots full fighting capability and is a great to get a robots name out. 


Our channel is one of the very few on YouTube that creates 360 animated videos. This is a great way to advertise with a unique roll in for most companies. These videos generate 100,000 to 25,000,000+ views!

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Our channel can do events! This is not limited to just attending and documenting, but also direct hosting! We've documented new attractions (ex. LEGO land, Jimu Robot Eevent) and even hosted a few of our own (ex. Robotters, WCG).  

Price: Contact for Inquiry

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